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Published June 17, 2021

100+ Letter Board Quotes to Uplift and Inspire | LoveToKnow (1)

An inspiring quote goes a long way, especially when written down somewhere in your home for all to continuously gaze upon. These uplifting letter board quotes will speak to and soothe the soul every single time you walk past your letter board.

Encouraging Letter Board Quotes

Sometimes people have to remember that the best is yet to come, and if they hold on tight and keep on keeping on, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.
  • Make tomorrow the best it can be.
  • Don't look back. You aren't going there.
  • Turn a new page in your book of life today.
  • Every day is a fresh start.
  • Embrace the process, not the result.
  • Today is a wonderful day to have a wonderful day.
  • Keep truckin', girlfriend.
  • When one door closes, another opens. Open. The. Door.
  • Your time to shine is now.
  • Hello, my beautiful life.
  • If you can love anyone, love yourself.
  • Rewrite your story.
  • There is never a "right" time.
  • Celebrate everything.
  • What you dream is worth waiting for.
  • Prove everybody wrong.
  • Change is always possible.
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Letter Board Quotes to Help During Dark Times

Dark times are hard, no question about it. If trying times have fallen upon you, remember that you are loved, you are valued, and it won't be like this forever. These quotes will help you see the bright side.

  • Hard times won't last forever.
  • Be your own hero.
  • You are stronger than you think.
  • One foot in front of the next, every single day.
  • Bent, but not broken.
  • Never be ruled by fear.
  • Your story finishes with a happy ending.
  • Things look grim. But, it isn't like you spilled your coffee!
  • It's okay. A taco will fix this.
  • Just keep swimming. It worked for Dory on Finding Nemo.
  • You'll look back and these times and know how incredible you were.
  • Be the light.
  • You deserve this.
  • If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • All those left turns led you right here.
  • Be bold. Be brave.
  • In order to shine, there has to be some darkness.
  • Know what is temporary and what is not.
  • A little faith goes a long way.
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Motivational Letter Board Quotes

Taking that first step towards progress can be a doozy. Surround yourself with good people, good vibes, and all the positivity you can handle. Take that first step toward the rest of your life. You are amazing!

  • Less talking, more doing.
  • Wish less, do more.
  • Find your tribe. Catch your vibe.
  • Start the day by simply starting.
  • There is always room for another try.
  • When you feel like you can't do anything, dance.
  • Do things that make you forget to check social media.
  • Everything before today was just a trial run.
  • Try your best on any day that ends in "Y."
  • You got out of bed. That may be enough for now.
  • No one is going to do it for you.
  • What are you waiting for? GO!
  • This is your story, so tell it.
  • Act now, question later.
  • Things don't get done accidentally.
  • World: Girl, you can't do that. Girl: Hold my purse, world.
  • Don't tell them. Show them.
  • Make moves, not excuses.
  • Settling is not an option.

Funny & Uplifting Letter Board Quotes

Laughter truly is the best medicine. When you need to feel uplifted, motivated, or supported, funny sentiments can be just the right cure.

  • Today choose to be happy by eating dessert first.
  • No matter what people try to tell you: You are indeed too legit to quit.
  • When you feel you have nothing, remember, you have coffee.
  • Alexa: Fix my life.
  • Don't worry. Eat tacos.
  • Don't doubt your talents. You're the best overthinker there is.
  • If you can't move mountains, start by moving your butt off the couch.
  • You are only as strong as your coffee.
  • A cupcake is a muffin that believed dreams come true. Be a cupcake.
  • If you fall, I will catch you. I will be waiting. - The couch.
  • Some days you'll kill it. Some days you'll accidentally leave your phone in the fridge.
  • Free and wild... until the clock strikes 9 p.m.
  • You'll get there, one taco at a time.
  • Know that you can't make everyone happy. Only booze can do that.
  • So life gave you lemons? There has to be a boozy recipe for that somewhere.
  • You have pants on today. Progress is progress.
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The Power of Nature on Your Letter Board

Nature can be so therapeutic. These nature-based letter board quotes capture nature's power to inspire human beings.

  • Leaves fall, and they are still beautiful.
  • Don't try to be a different flower. Be the flower you were always intended to be.
  • We are all different flowers, living in the same garden.
  • Look towards the sky, because the only way to go is up.
  • Let the wind carry the negativity away.
  • Storms give way to rainbows. Just weather them and wait for the beauty to unfold.
  • Unfold yourself to the world one petal at a time.
  • Like a tree, I will shelter you.
  • Every day you grow, even when you can't feel it.
  • Reach for the sky, but be grounded in your roots.
  • You can be the rain and the clouds or the sun and the stars. Choose.
  • Light up the world like the stars light up the skies.

Letter Board Quotes to Brighten Your Day

Cheer up, Buttercup! For it's a beautiful day to move mountains, hustle, conquer and survive. Even when you're feeling stuck and meh, know that life can turn on a dime. Your luck can change in an instant, and if you put your mind to it, you can be anything you want in this world.

  • Don't worry, be wonderful.
  • The day is young, and you are beautiful.
  • See yourself as the world sees you.
  • Somebody loves you, baby!
  • Be amazing! As if you could ever be anything else.
  • Breathe. You've got this.
  • Wake up. Smile. Be grateful. Work Hard. Repeat.
  • Be yourself. Be Kind. You'll be fine.
  • Show us those pearly whites.
  • Hey, beautiful!
  • If you can be anything, choose to be grateful.
  • New days bring new beginnings.
  • Before you do all the things, do you.
  • Free hugs.
  • A smile sure looks good on you.
  • In case no one has told you this today: You are amazing.
  • The world is a better place because you are in it.
  • Dance wildly, sing loudly, smile often.
  • This day was made for you.
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Using a Letter Board

Letter boards have become versatile tools over recent years. They convey messages of humor, hope, and information. They reveal dinner menus, new baby arrivals, and milestone moments. Use your letter board throughout the year, changing up the message to fit your mood, the season, or the purpose. Whatever is going on in your world, you can be sure that there is a letter board quote to go with it.

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