Farro With Mushrooms Recipe (2024)



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Meri V

I used only fresh mushrooms (1/2 baby bella, 1/2 shiitake), therefore started the recipe at Step 4.

I also had pearled farro, so only used 3c stock, covered and cooked on high for 10 min. Then removed the lid, added a 4th c stock, stirred until liquid absorbed, then added 1/2 pecorino-romano and black pepper, and served.
This was so delicious!!! Served with the NYT chicken thighs and winter squash recipe, and it might be the best meal i've made from this page ever!

Curtis Hartman

Pearled farro cuts the cooking time in half. which also means you should cut the amount of stock, again about by 50%


Two words: Instant Pot. This was delicious and hearty. To convert this recipe for the instant pot, use the saute function for the onions, mushrooms, garlic and rosemary, then add the farro, 1/2C of wine, and 4C broth of choice (mushroom, chicken, etc.), give a good stir, then close the lid and pressure cook on high for 25 minutes with a natural release. It was slightly soupy at this point so I sauteed on high and stirred constantly until it reached a risotto consistency. Fantastic!


Great recipe. I followed the recipe except I used mushroom broth for the liquid. The leftovers are great cold with chopped celery, red onions, cucumbers and a big mix of olive oil and squeeze of lemon.


I love this recipe. Farro makes amazing risotto. I added frozen peas at the end for color and sweetness. They went really well with the deep earthy flavor of this dish. servings per recipe are generous. Most everyone had seconds and I have just enough leftovers- yum...


Go vegan by substituting nutritional yeast for the parmasean. Out of this world flavor!!


Make sure to check on the type of farro you are using in your recipe- semi-pearled farro can cut the cooking time in half, but still tastes just as delicious!


I used a pearled farro that doesn't require soaking and cooks much faster (25 - 30 minutes). Like the earlier post, I used less liquid with the pearled. I also reduced the dried mushroom stock to intensify the flavor and added a dash of soy sauce. This dish is a real keeper. We all loved it -- nutty and rich with deep mushroom flavored.

Jill Birnbaum

This was easy to convert to an electric pressure cooker. 1.5 cups of broth to 1 cup farro. 10 minutes under high pressure and 10 minutes under natural release. Fabulous!


I've made this twice, once with dried porcini and once with a vegan mushroom bouillon - tasted almost the same, so I'll stick with the bouillon since it's less work.

Since I'm vegan, I eliminated the parmesan but needed to add a flavour to add interest. The 1st time, I added diced red pepper in the last 10 minutes - nice color and tasty - plus some hazelnut oil just before serving. The 2nd time, I added fresh green peas and a scant teaspoon of mustard. Also good.


...loving the idea of criminal mushrooms!

Austro Girl

Yumm! And so much easier than a risotto. Chopped up and stirred in lots of fresh spinach at the end for color and (more) health. Also had no rosemary, so substituted tarragon. A dollop of creme fraiche at the end brought raves all around.


Tastes like essence of mushrooms. I sautéed the fresh mushrooms separately, set them aside, and stirred in at end with parsley and cheese. That way, the mushrooms didn't get soggy or steamed, allowing their flavor to really come through. I used half the farro and fresh mushrooms, and the full amount of remaining ingredients. Even so, this served 4 as a side dish. Served w/ Salmon with Smoked Salmon Butter from this site, a great combo. I presoaked farro 1 hour, it was cooked in 40 minutes.

Linda Criss

There is no need to soak the farro.


I substituted dress leeks for the onion and it turned out well. At the suggestion of my grandma, I used a cup of leeks for the half cup onion called for. They added a subtle flavor that paired well with the wild mushrooms I also used.

Carol F

This recipe tastes great cooked without oil. I am on a whole food plant based diet, which is very low fat. It's great to find a recipe that can be adapted. I'm sure it tastes even better with the oil. Sometimes I splurge and add vegan Parmesan or vegan feta. Once I forgot to add the wine separately, and it tasted the same. You don't even have to cover it. Just add all the liquid at once and cook until it's the right thickness.


Delicious. Served over bread spread with honey butter.

Emily T

Cut broth in half (and cooking time) by jumping ahead to step 4. Consider adding fresh spinach or frozen peas at the end.


Farro too soft for me. Soak less or just rinse? Also a little less stock. Needs herbs.

My edits

Don’t use this much stock! 4 - 4.5 C total should do it.

Kelly Connolly

I wanted something pretty quick with lots of umami and this was delightful. I served it over pureed white beans and potatoes with garlic, aleppo pepper, and chives.


Try 5 c of broth total22 minutes on high in instant pot10 minutes natural release

Noah’s Table

Delicious! I did the recipe as written, and used half shiitake and half cremini for my mushrooms. It took a while but was worth it. Huge hit in my house!


Though delicious, I wanted a creamier texture and more herb/spice variety, so took note of someone’s suggestion to add a parm rind with the broth, and another that suggested thyme red wine instead of rosemary white wine. Can’t wait to try both suggestions!


Recipe needs some help. I think the farro to mushroom recipe is too high. I only used 1 cup farro to 1 cup mushrooms. I'll use more mushrooms the next time. I also added a tablespoon of red vinegar for more flavor, otherwise it is a bit bland. Perhaps more rosemary.

Deborah Russell

Loved this recipe. I think it will be excellent as a new side dish at Thanksgiving.


Recipe was a HIT. Delicious. Followed recipe almost exactly, except: (1) used pearled farro, (2) used just 3 cups of the broth/stock mixture, and (3) used the InstantPot, adding and sautéing everything as directed, then sealed amd cooked on high pressure for 10 min, natural release for 5 min, then quick release.Mushrooms I used were: 1/2 oz dried porcini, 8 oz of fresh baby bella, and 8 oz of a mix of fresh trumpet royale, alba clamshell, & brown clamshell.

Brad P

I've made several times exactly per the recipe - delicious!


This is a delicious dish that works as a side or as a meal. I made a few changes based on what I had available: leek instead of onion, a mix of fresh mushrooms, white vermouth instead of white wine, pearled farro. The reheated leftovers went well with poached eggs. Next time I'm going to add some baby spinach leaves near the end of cooking time.

Connie V.

I made this tonight and it’s a winner! Couldn’t find dried mushrooms so used fresh cremini. I also used normal farro, didn’t add the reserved cup of broth and it took about 40 minutes. My boys and I LOVED it!

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Farro With Mushrooms Recipe (2024)


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