How to Find a Lost Apple Pencil (2024)

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  • Use Find My to Locate Apple Pencil Pro
  • Use Your iPad's Bluetooth Connection
  • Retrace Your Steps or Nudge Things Around
  • Tips to Avoid Losing Your Apple Pencil

Key Takeaways

  • If you own the Apple Pencil Pro, you can easily locate it using the built-in Find My app.
  • If you have an older Apple Pencil, you can use your iPad's Bluetooth connection to see if it's close.
  • You won't be able to locate your Apple Pencil once its battery runs out.

If you've owned an Apple Pencil, chances are you've been in a situation where you struggled to find it. If you're in that boat right now, don't worry! Here are a few simple methods to find and reunite your Apple Pencil with your iPad.

Use Find My to Locate Apple Pencil Pro

To start, if you own an Apple Pencil Pro, you can simply locate the stylus with the Find My app—the same tool you use to find your lost iPhone. Launch the Find My app, head to the Devices tab and select your Apple Pencil to view its location on the map.

You can tap Find if you're nearby and want to know its precise location. An overlay will appear on the screen, showing an onscreen circle that indicates whether it's nearby or within reach.

Your iPad must be in portrait orientation to find your nearby Apple Pencil Pro. Also, it's worth noting that you can only pair one Apple Pencil with your iPad at a time.

Use Your iPad's Bluetooth Connection

If you own one of the older Apple Pencil models, unfortunately, they do not support Find My integration. Therefore, to find your Apple Pencil—or at least estimate its location—you'll need to rely on your iPad's Bluetooth connection.

To check if your Apple Pencil is nearby, go to Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices on your iPad. If your Apple Pencil appears as Connected, you know that it must be within 30 feet since that is the range of Bluetooth.

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To further narrow this down, you can use a Bluetooth finder app like WunderFind. It has a simple overlay that shows the proximity between your iPad and Apple Pencil in terms of percentage values. The closer your Apple Pencil is to your iPad's Bluetooth module, the higher the number shown on screen.

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Download:WunderFind (Free)

By simply combining the iPad's Bluetooth settings menu and the WunderFind app, you can locate your Apple Pencil fairly easily. However, if your iPad can't establish a Bluetooth connection with your Apple Pencil, WunderFind won't be of any help either.

Bluetooth range significantly reduces depending on the materials between your devices. For instance, thick walls, floors, or even furniture can affect how well your Apple Pencil connects over Bluetooth.

Retrace Your Steps or Nudge Things Around

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The last method would be to simply retrace your steps by remembering exactly where you last had your Apple Pencil in hand. Review your recent files on your iPad, such as signed documents, drawings, or notes, for clues such as timestamps or location details.

For those who take their Apple Pencil to the office, check the areas surrounding your workstation, such as under the table, behind the monitor, or inside pedestals. You may also want to contact your office's lost and found department to check if anyone tried to return it.

If your Apple Pencil has been missing for a while, it may have fallen asleep. When an Apple Pencil is asleep, you can't connect to it over Bluetooth, even if it's charged up. A quick tip to make it easier to find your Apple Pencil is to attempt to nudge the device to wake it up.

By shaking your bag, flipping couch cushions, or rummaging through desk drawers, you may be able to nudge your buried Apple Pencil and wake it up. If you suspect you have lost your Apple Pencil in your car, driving around may also activate it.

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Apple Pencil

While losing an Apple Pencil can sometimes be a matter of bad luck, here are a few steps that you can take to avoid a similar situation again.

Always Keep Your Apple Pencil Charged

While it's possible to locate your Apple Pencil using Bluetooth, the methods discussed above only work if your Apple Pencil has power. Since Apple Pencils are designed to run continuously on standby, their batteries need to be charged regularly to function properly.

If lost and left uncharged for several weeks, it may cause the battery to fail and no longer be able to turn on. So, make sure your Apple Pencil is always powered.

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Personalize Your Apple Pencil

If you work at a design studio or office, know that multiple Apple Pencils could be lying around at any time. Personalizing your Apple Pencil is a great way to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

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One way of personalizing your Apple Pencil is to engrave it for free upon purchase at Apple Store Online. Should you lose your engraved Apple Pencil while working in a café or co-working space, prospective thieves are less likely to steal it as it will have lower resale value.

If you prefer to keep your Apple Pencil without an engraving, you may also modify it using stickers, wraps, or protective cases.

Give Your Apple Pencil a Home

A tried-and-tested way to avoid misplacing loose items of any kind is to give them a home. When organizing your workspaces, having a dedicated spot for storing essential items such as your Apple Pencil keeps them from getting lost. From special pencil cases and charging blocks to pencil stands, there are many Apple Pencil accessories you can buy.

Losing your Apple Pencil can be a stressful experience. However, it is avoidable if you take the proper steps. In case things do go wrong, your iPad is well-equipped to help you find your missing Apple Pencil.

How to Find a Lost Apple Pencil (2024)


Can we locate lost Apple Pencil? ›

If your Apple Pencil is attached to your iPad (2nd Gen only), then you can use Find My to track your iPad and recover both it and your Pencil!

Can Apple pencils be traced? ›

While there isn't an official tracker for the Apple Pencil, there are a couple of workarounds to track it. The first method involves checking Bluetooth Settings on the iPad. To do this, open the Settings app on iPad, select 'Bluetooth,' and look for the Apple Pencil under the list of devices.

What is the best app to find lost Apple Pencil? ›

Wunderfind helps you to find your lost devices within seconds. Wunderfind helps you to find your lost AirPods, Apple Pencil, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more. Lost your device? This App helps you finding your Phone, Tablet or Watch within seconds.

Can Apple Pencil be replaced if lost? ›

The only remedy for a lost Apple Pencil is to purchase a replacement.

Can you trace using Apple Pencil? ›

The Apple Pencil gives you the ability to trace what you want onto an iPad Pro.

How not to lose an Apple Pencil? ›

  1. Use an iPad Smart Keyboard or a case. ...
  2. Magnetise Apple Pencil 1 with the Moxiware Magnet. ...
  3. Try the pencil clip hack. ...
  4. Use the Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop. ...
  5. Stand your Apple Pencil with a Belkin stand. ...
  6. Make a stand out of Lego. ...
  7. Strap Apple Pencil to your iPad with Stylus Sling.
Oct 30, 2022

Do Apple Pencils have serial numbers? ›

Remove the tip from your Apple Pencil and find the serial number engraved on the inside of your Apple Pencil. To zoom in on the serial number, you can use Magnifier on your iPhone or iPad.

Why won't my Apple Pencil show up on Bluetooth? ›

If the Pair button doesn't appear, wait for one minute while your Apple Pencil charges. Then try connecting your Apple Pencil again and wait until the Pair button appears. If your Apple Pencil Pro or Apple Pencil (2nd generation) still does not pair, remove any cases or covers from the iPad, then try to pair again.

What do I do if I lost the end of my Apple Pencil? ›

I just purchased an Apple pencil and promptly lost the cap. The pencil comes with a one year warranty and it was super easy-peasy to contact support and get a free of charge replacement sent out with no explanation or issues. Glad you had that good luck. My tech put me on hold to check on the warranty thing.

Will Apple replace Apple Pencil for free? ›

Apple-branded accessories purchased separately are covered by the Apple Limited Warranty for Accessories. This includes the Apple Pencil, spare cables, wireless chargers, or smart keyboards. Our warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law.

Does AppleCare Cover lost Apple Pencil? ›

Is it covered under apple care? You can call Apple and ask, but I'm pretty positive the answer is no, AppleCare will not provide a replacement for a lost or stolen, Apple Pencil.

Can you find the owner of an Apple Pencil? ›

I have found an Apple Pencil on the street, What can the Apple Company do to find its owner by the serial number? Nothing, so turn it in to the local authorities. Due to privacy concerns, Apple will not assist you in finding the owner.

What if my Apple Pencil is stolen? ›

If it is lost or stolen, there is nothing you can do to retrieve it, other than going back to where it was lost and seeing if it is still there. It will NOT show up in Find My as it is not associated with your AppleID. Therefore if it is lost or stolen, it is gone.

Are Apple pencils registered? ›

You have 60 days from original purchase date to add an AppleCare+ plan. You don't register an Apple Pencil or Apple Keyboard. Keep your purchase receipt and if you have any issues within the 12 month warranty period, take the receipt and the pencil or keyboard to your Apple Store.

Do Apple pencils have a serial number? ›

If you pair your Apple Pencil with iPad, you can find the serial number in Settings. On your iPad, open the Settings app. Tap General > About > Apple Pencil. Look for Serial Number.


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