Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (2024)

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Have you heard of something called SCP? The fictional SCP Foundation aims to find, contain, and secure anomalous objects and entities. This project, expanding with the support of numerous users on the internet, deals with quite interesting anomalous objects and beings. If you're intrigued, then Lobotomy Corporation, a game with the same theme, is perfect for you.


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Your mission is entirely about management, and while trying to keep them under control, you also need to produce a type of energy called Enkephalin. However, given these unknown and mysterious anomalies, this is definitely a challenging task. How about starting by reading some beginner tips first before starting this hard journey?

Abnormality Info Unlocking Order Matters

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (2)

While working on abnormalities, your agents will produce Enkephalin, which is the energy resource you need to complete the day you are playing. As work progress continues and you succeed, you will produce Positive Enkephalin. With these, you can unlock information about the abnormality you are working on.

If you are working on an abnormality for the first time, most information about them will be locked.

If you unlock the information in the following order, you'll follow a path with fewer surprises and reduce risks:

Information Type


Abnormality Work Favor

  • The first thing you should unlock for your benefit is this section. It is wise to unlock all four boxes here as soon as possible.
  • This way, you can have your agents work on the appropriate work type for the abnormality more consciously.
  • Blindly assigning your agent to a work type can lead to their death or insanity.

Abnormality Managerial Tips

  • By unlocking Managerial Tips, you will play according to the rules of the Abnormality you are working on, which is the key part of the game.
  • Playing without knowing this section can put you in a lot of trouble.
  • So you should unlock this section after Abnormality Work Favor.

Basic Information

  • By unlocking Basic Information, it is important to see the type of damage the Abnormality deals during work. So you can equip your agents with E.G.O Suits that are resistant to Abnormality's attack type for future sessions.

Abnormality Escape Information

  • At the beginning of the game, most Abnormalities do not escape, so they do not pose a threat to you.
  • However, in the later days, you will encounter more Abnormalities with a higher chance of escaping, so knowing which E.G.O weapons are effective in case of an escape will be important for you.

If you unlock the information randomly, many problems await you. For example, if you unlock Abnormality Escape Information first and leave Abnormality Work Favor for last, your agents will produce less energy due to poor work results and will be at risk of Death or Panic.

Never Forget The Abnormality Management Tips

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (3)

Unlocking the Management Tips section of an Abnormality is extremely important, as it will determine your approach to them. If you don't play according to these management tips, failure is inevitable.

Management Tips can consist of several parts, and if you don't unlock all of them, they may seem meaningless or only appear to be useful. For example, the management tips for an abnormality called Fairy Festival are as follows:

  • When the work result was Normal or Good, small fairies appeared around the employee.
  • The small fairies will heal the employee’s HP over a limited time.
  • If an employee under the fairies’ care is assigned to a different Containment Unit, they will immediately die and be consumed by the fairies.

As you can see, you need to consider the management tips as a whole. In the above example, if you send your agent to work with another Abnormality besides the Fairy Festival that day, they will die as a result.

Remember that each Abnormality has its own similar rules, and you must adjust your gameplay accordingly.

Make A Habit Of Using The Pause Button

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (4)

Learning to use the pause button effectively is beneficial and very important. By using it, you can have more control during encounters with Ordeals and Abnormalities escaping from containment, which you will face in the later days of the game.

When sending your units to deal with entities that threaten your facility, don't forget to pause the game occasionally. This way, you can frequently check their HP and SP values. By recalling your agents in critical condition, you can prevent disastrous scenarios.

Since it will be difficult to monitor everything as your facility grows, making it a habit to check the status of your agents and Abnormalities will be to your advantage.

Don't Be Afraid To Reset The Game

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (5)

When you first start the game, you'll find yourself surrounded by Abnormalities you know nothing about. As your facility continues to grow, the number of Abnormalities you contain will also increase.

At a certain point, you are bound to encounter a disaster scenario. In this case, you always have the option to replay that day. However, if you don't think you can change anything, the most logical choice is to reset the game and start again from the first day.

This shouldn't discourage you; on the contrary, it's quite beneficial. If you start again from the first day, the information you've gathered about the Abnormalities won't disappear or reset.

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (6)

You'll be able to develop more informed and foresighted strategies starting from the first day. This way, among the three Abnormality options presented to you before each day, there will be ones you are familiar with and since they are no longer unknown, they will pose minimal threat to you.

If you think you can recover from a bad day, replaying that day might be better than starting from the first day. Remember, the E.G.O equipment you give to your agents is lost with them if they die.

Strategically Equip Your Agents With E.G.O Gear

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (7)

Before each day, don't forget to equip your new agents with E.G.O gear. The contained Abnormalities in each team's area should be the determining factor in choosing that team's E.G.O gear. For example, if all or at least two of the three Abnormalities deal White damage, you should choose an E.G.O Suit that is resistant to that damage type.

Similarly, if you have Abnormalities that can escape, don't forget to check their Escape Information section. Based on this information, equip your agents with E.G.O Weapons that have a higher damage output against those specific Abnormalities.

It is not a good idea to equip all your agents in a team with only Red or Pale weapons. If one of your agents goes into panic, you can only heal their SP with White or Black damage. Keeping this in mind will help you prevent agent loss.

Moreover, when selecting weapons or suits, checking their Details section will also benefit you. This way, you can use them to their full potential. For example, a weapon named Penitence grants plus two Justice to the wielder, it has a five percent chance to restore 10 SP on the attack. Giving this to an agent without checking would deprive you of this bonus.

Don't Be Wasteful With Your LOB Points

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (8)

At the end of each day, you will earn LOB points. You can use these to recruit new agents for your facility. Additionally, you can increase the starting stats of the agents you hire using these points.

However, it is important not to be too wasteful when doing this. If you end up with insufficient LOB points, you might be caught unprepared for some Abnormalities, so it’s crucial to keep some points in reserve.

For example, when interacting with the Abnormality called Bloodbath, Level One Fortitude and Temperance stats will not be effective. Therefore, to enhance the starting stats of the agents you hire and to create agents suitable for specific Abnormalities, you need to be economical with your LOB points.

Learn The Behavior Of Ordeals

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (9)

Although Ordeals are similar to Abnormalities, you will encounter them for the first time starting from the sixth day. Their difference is that they cannot be contained, and you have to fight them. If you don't, a good and peaceful day will not be awaiting you.

Learning the behavior patterns of Ordeals will be to your advantage and will help you deal with them more easily. Here is some information about a few Ordeals you might encounter in the early stages of the game:

Ordeal Name


Amber Dawn

  • Keep your agents with level one Fortitude and those taking a lot of damage from Red attacks away from this Ordeal.
  • Due to their constant movement and relocation, using melee and slow weapons is not very effective when fighting this Ordeal.

Crimson Dawn

  • Unlike other Ordeals, this one targets containment rooms and will reduce your PE Boxes count.
  • It will also lower the Qliphoth Counter of that room by one.

Green Dawn

  • It deals both Health and Sanity damage.
  • When it finishes off a target, it deals White damage to all agents in the vicinity five times.

Violet Dawn

  • If you don't eliminate them within about 60 or 70 seconds, they will explode.
  • This explosion will reset all Qliphoth Counters in the same department to zero.
  • Additionally, it will deal White damage to all agents in the department.

While fighting Ordeals, don't forget to frequently pause the game and pull back units with low health or sanity from the battle.

Keep Your Units Prepared For Bad Events

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (10)

You never want to be caught unprepared for bad events. Therefore, you should always keep your agents ready. The first thing you should follow in this regard is the Qliphoth Gauge located in the upper left corner of the screen.

For example, if the Qliphoth Gauge is about to fill up and trigger an Ordeal as soon as you send an agent to a containment room, make sure all your other agents are idle and not in other containment rooms before this happens. This way, when the Ordeals arrive, you can quickly respond and send your agents as a group to combat them.

If the scenario were the opposite and most of your agents were in containment rooms, the Ordeals could create quite problematic situations for you.

In another scenario, if you have an agent working in a containment room and you are sure that agent will panic, you need to be prepared for this situation as well. By sending other agents with White or Black damage-dealing weapons to the area outside that containment room in advance, you can save your agent from a panic state.

Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (11)

When you've collected the necessary Enkephalin to finish the day, you don't have to end it immediately. You can turn this into an opportunity. You have practically infinite time to farm for E.G.O gifts, which are rarely obtained from Abnormalities.

While doing this, you can also unlock all the information about the Abnormalities and increase your stock of E.G.O equipment. However, you must remain cautious. Escaping Abnormalities and Ordeals can still cause trouble and ruin your day.


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Lobotomy Corporation: 9 Beginner Tips (2024)


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